The journey from A to B

Why Bierbarry? “I was always a beer lover but my passion to discover beers’ verity of tastes became stronger few years ago when breweries from around the globe started to produce funky and innovative flavours. Suddenly, beers that for a while were suppressed by wines became a trendy alcoholic beverage having many beer funs and beer hunters who wish to taste beers not only from well-established brands or the local small breweries but also other parts of the world” says Rogier de Wit, the owner of the new beer lovers hot spot Bierbarry&Kitchen, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Rogier’s journey within the beer lover’s community has started in 2017 with the opening of Anna’s Bar with 24 tap beers and around 40 bottled beers. Within only a year Rogier and his enthusiastic stuff was able to create a loyal community of customers who appreciated the carefully chosen selection of beers each and every beer personally picked by Rogier. Facing a necessity for a larger space in order to bring the joy of beers to more satisfied customers, Rogier’s journey has moved from A to B… Anna’s Bar has become Bierbarry&Kitchen in a new, trendy The Hague city centre location at the Torenstraat 49.  


But what is the vision of Bierbarry&Kitchen? Rogier answers: “Bring more of the beer love accompanied with delicious cuisine to anyone who values quality and enjoys the pleasure of new tastes discoveries”.  Regardless if you prefer light or dark beers, the bar offers a variety of surprises to meet the expectations and desires of even the most demanding customers. Moreover, the food menu has 3 main options: meat, fish, and vegan dishes in order to match the preferences of each client. Bierbarry offers also a hand-picked selection of wines for those who prefer grapes instead of hops. 


So, what is next for Bierbarry&Kitchen? Firstly, the company needs to make sure that the new name and place is easy to find among many bars and restaurants in The Hague not only by the loyal customers from the previous location but also new clients. This is to be achieved by integrated marketing communication. Secondly, the company is already planning several evets such as well-received beer tastings. Thirdly, the company is ready to attract B2B clients delivering a well-crafted and customized offer for the business events. But there more attractions to come! Stay tuned by signing up for the Bierbarry&Kitchen newsletters or follow our FB/Instagram page for the announcements of the upcoming events. 

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